Wishmaster request gambling scene

Wishmaster request gambling scene raffle gambling

Morgana is up at dawn, screaming out to her unseen tormentor, demanding to know who he is. But Morgana has forgotten that death is often a release. He sits on the opposite side of the glass partition and they pick up the connecting phones.

Morgana goes to the prison to visit Demarest. As the bus carrying visitors to the prison pulls into the parking area to initiate check-in, the scene switches to the prison laundry room, where Demarest is approached by a man named Osip Krutchkov Oleg Vidov. She is left frightened and shaken by the vision. Facing the Djinn, wishhmaster wishes that the guard she scne during the gallery robbery, was alive again. Staring at Demarest, Morgana has a vision of the Djinn in his true form, causing her to shriek in fright. He is furious with the overly smug prisoner who has given the prison officials nothing but trouble.

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